Exhaust Parts

Exhaust Parts

Active filters

2"x50' Eksos wrapping

Price kr476.00
kr476.00 ex.VAT
Tåler kontinuerlig 2000°F (1093.3 C); 3000°F (1648.9 C) i korte perioder Mindre varme i motorrommet Kjemikalie bestandig 25% sterkere enn glassfiber wrapping Økt effekt Passer alle typer...

O2 / Lambda sveisemutter

Price kr207.00
kr207.20 ex.VAT
O2 / Lambda for welding onto the downpipe "exit exhaust pipe" to measure the A/F reading when tuning either carbs or EFI. S304 stainless steel Radius cut for easy welding CNC machined Hux...

Exhaust kit (Complete)

Price kr5,800.00
kr5,800.00 ex.VAT
Complete stainless exhaust kit. Muffler Striaght piping Male ball joints Doughnut bends Springs Spring tabs   NOTE - We offer ER308L Stainless TIG weld filler rod