4XLED multipurpose lightning

4XLED multipurpose lightning

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Price kr1,800.00
kr1,800.00 ex.VAT
4XLED lamps with full power are designed for use in the free air, mainly on vehicles. It is not suitable for stationary, continuous lighting indoor or outdoor, or for built-in applications, if...

SuperMini LED 1100lmn

Price kr988.00
kr988.00 ex.VAT
The SuperMini is a versatile, ultra compact, highly efficient light. It can be utilized as a general purpose light, an auxiliary light, or as the primary light for smaller vehicles. It features...

DRL wiring harness

Price kr404.00
kr404.00 ex.VAT
The wiring harness with DRL module allows to switch the light(s) to the light level of Day Running Lights (DRL). A light (or 2 lights) can be switched to 100% power or to the reduced stabilised...