EPeX spares and accsessories

EPeX spares and accsessories

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New style - Dual fuel pump...

Price kr5,800.00
kr5,800.00 ex.VAT
Our newest Dual light weight pumps for our EFI kits. Suits all EFI kits or applications. Also suitable for 912iS. Pressure tested to 65PSI. Normal operating pressure is 35-45PSI set on the fuel...

EPeX mil-spec harness

Price kr15,000.00
kr15,000.00 ex.VAT
EP mil-spec ECU/EFI harness. Comes with unique Serial and Part No. Built to mil-spec Raychem DR-25 shrink tube/boots Raychem 55A tefzel cable Raychem RT125 Seal/Joint Epoxy BOSCH / DEUTSCH...

EPeX Lithium voltage regulator

Price kr3,022.00
kr3,022.00 ex.VAT
We also offer direct replacement lithium specific regulators for the apex/epex. Output Voltage is the key factor in a voltage regulator designed specifically for Lithium batteries. The ideal...

EPeX voltage regulator...

Price kr1,650,000,000.00
kr1,650,000,000.00 ex.VAT
Combination Electronic Voltage Regulator & Rectifier with very accurate regulation of the output power that allows for a perfectly stable charge rate of the battery across the RPM range. This is a...