EFI, Turbo, Super-Charger, Big Bore, Inverted oil & Camshafts

Vi har igjennom flere år utført injection konverteringer av flere typer motorer. Rotax, Jabiru, Vw, Verner mm. Vi har i dag akkumulert ca 400timer i Norge og over 300.000timer på verdens basis. Antall timer i Norge vil komme til å kunne øke drastisk de neste årene.

EFI, Turbo, Super-Charger, Big Bore, Inverted oil & Camshafts

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EFI + Ignition for...

Pris kr 0.00
Available with single or dual ECU With or without single or dual electronic controllable ignition Dual fuel pumps Fully redundant +15% power Save fuel and run on MOGAS

EP Turbo Charger w/oil sump

Pris kr 17,500.00
Turbo will work on a 912UL or 912ULS turbo conversion or as a replacement for 914 but with removal of the TCU. Same turbo flange. The outlet flange on this turbo is slightly different from the 914...

1484cc Big Bore Kit (10.5:1)

Pris kr 48,683.00
Finally. EdgePerformance billet big bore cylinders for 912 / 914 engines. 1484cc 10.5 CR 114HP with carburetors 118HP with EFI 122HP with EP camshaft and EFI Comes with custom under cut EP...

Fuel injection pump

Pris kr 1,590.00
High pressure fuel injection pump for our EFI system. Should always be install two in paralell. See our dual pump manifolds. Replacement pumps for excisting EFI customers.

EP performance camshaft...

Pris kr 8,500.00
High lift, high power performance camshaft for 912 and 912 big bore engines. Heat threated Nitrated  CNC grinded Dyno optimized Bolt-on direct replacement 5-8% power gain Fits  all...

1417cc Big Bore Kit TURBO...

Pris kr 48,683.00
EdgePerformance billet big bore cylinders for 912 / 914 engines. 4043-T6 billet alloy 1417cc - TURBO 8.5:1 CR Dyno proven at 160HP. Normal output on a 914 is 135HP Comes with custom under...

1621cc Big Bore Kit

Pris kr 48,683.00
Finally EdgePerformance billet big bore cylinders for 912 / 914 engines. 1621cc 10.5:1 compression ratio 120-130HP Comes with custom EP forged pistons with CT-3 moly coating Allows the use...

912/914 2-1 directport EFI

Pris kr 56,250.00
Direct port bolt-on fuel injection for 912UL, ULS and 914. Injectors can be mounted both facing invards / outvards (See images) Two fuelrails Two directport flanges Four spacers Bolts,...

Dual fuel injection pumps...

Pris kr 4,200.00
Dual light weight pumps for our EFI kits. Suits all EFI kits or applications. Pressure tested to 65PSI. Normal operating pressure is 35-45PSI set on the fuel pressure regulator. We use a 3-pos...

EP Super Charger kit

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Super light weight and compact bolt-on super charger kit for Rotax 912/914. Machined from billet 7075-T6 and anodized. Comes with pulley gears, tensioner wheel and hardware. The most compact and...

EP mil-spec harness

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EP mil-spec ECU/EFI harness. Comes with unique Serial and Part No. Built to mil-spec Raychem DR-25 shrink tube/boots Raychem 55A tefzel cable Raychem RT125 Seal/Joint Epoxy BOSCH / DEUTSCH...

Weld on injector bosses

Pris kr 695.00
Aluminum weld-on bosses Price ea. 2 piece construction CNC from 6061-T6 Alu Great for welding One per cylinder ULTRA LIGHT & ULTRA LOW PROFILE ! FOR PICO STYLE MICRO INJECTORS !

jabiru dyseboss

Pris kr 569.00
Dyseboss designet for påsveising på jabiru innsugsrunnere. Bunndel av stål mens toppdel er laget av aluminium for vektbesparelse., Skjermet for strålingsvarme fra eksosen. Pris per stk