Turbocharger, Exhaust & Parts

Turbocharger, Exhaust & Parts

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EP Turbo Charger w/oil sump

Pris kr 14,000.00
kr 14,000.00 eks MVA
Turbo will work on a 912UL or 912ULS turbo conversion or as a replacement for 914 but with removal of the TCU. Same turbo flange. The outlet flange on this turbo is slightly different from the 914...

EP912STi / 914 Performance...

Pris kr 0.00
kr 0.00 eks MVA
EP performance exhaust for 912-Turbo conversions or 914 replacement. All S321 stainless steel +2mm piping (32mm OD) CNC machined slip joints (NO LEAKS) TIG welded with argon shielding purge...