4XLED multipurpose lightning

Why 4XLED? 4XLED (“4 eXtreme use LED“) is a trade mark established in 2008, belonging to one of the leading European outdoor LED lamp manufacturers. Development and production of 4XLED products is placed in Poland. Advantages of 4XLED lamps: TOUGH, DURABLE CONSTRUCTION Precision milled housing, made of high strength aluminium 2017A alloy, so called duraluminium. Nevertheless, the lamps are by far much lighter and smaller than other products with similar light power. WATERPROOF HOUSING Very effective sealing, IP68 or IP69K grade, both sides of the glass are sealed, the lamp is equipped with a scrued front bezel (NOT an adhesive bonded front glass). EXCHANGEABLE GLASS Thick front glass, pracitically unbreakable. It is easy exchangeable when it becomes scratches after a time. LATEST CREE LEDS Best available LED diodes, Cree XML2; Cree XPG2 in neutral white or white tint. The effectivity of XML2 (Made in USA) is about 25% better than that of the diodes called “Cree 10W”. BEST QUALITY LENSES Best available lenses, selected for maximum illumination of the field of view. We are using no cheap lenses integrated in front glass, giving 10% less efficiency. HIGH PERFORMANCE ELECTRONICS High performance electronics, the real efficiency of our integrated in the lamp power converters is 98%. Therefore, our lamps need 10-20% less electrical power than most other products. SHOCK SECURED The electronics is completely sealed and shock secured by special polymer filling of the housing. DURABLE CABLE The electrical supply is carried out with a halogen free, frost proof, durable cable, terminated with well proven water tight Superseal connectors.ts is placed in Poland.

4XLED multipurpose lightning

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