(EP912STi 154HP/182NM) Turbo & EFI

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This it not an OEM Rotax kit and it will void the engine waranty !

Contact uf for further details

Here we combine the best of two worlds. The result is a beast of an engine. Our experience with this conversion is incredibly positive. We make such a conversion based on a standard Rotax 912ULS 100 HP core engine. 

Fitted to these aircrafts and more: VL3 Evolution, WT-9 Dynamic, Shark, Sonex, Dobble Ender, Kitfox, Rans S6 C-II, Trixy Aviation Gyro, Xenon Gyro, ELA Gyro, BlackShapre Prime, Highlander, Tarragon and more.

We perform the following to your engine:

  • Welded crankshaft
  • Balancing of crankshaft
  • Install 4-1 EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
  • Install forged EP pistons with 8.3:1 CR with ceramic and teflon coating
  • Modify the gearbox for increased power and torque
  • Install our Turbocharger with servo operated wastegate 
  • Install our mil-spec DR-25 Rachem motorsport harness
  • Install EP-Turbo "914 style" exhaust and muffler to our spec
  • Install EP oil scavenge pumpe
  • Install EP CNC valve covers
  • Piston and gearbox oil squirter jets

  • Optionally we offer various intake designs, dual 32A alterntor, intercoolers etc.
  • The engines comes with oil tank, starter relay, regulator/rectifier, 3L Aeroshell sport pluss 4 oil and ring mount

This it not an OEM Rotax kit and it will void the engine waranty !

  • Used by Trixy Aviation, Shark Aero, Rotax Force, BadAss power sports, Sky-Time, AG-aviation and many others
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • No vapor lock
  • No carb icing
  • No "carb-sync"
  • Save 1-3Kg over stock 914 configuration
  • Smoother running and far less vibration
  • Lower idle for shorter landings
  • Will start even in -35° just like a modern car due to high-pressure fuel injectors


      - Contact for futher details and pricings!