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We took the proven perfect design of a Stream and combined it with a TP 100 turboprop power unit. The result created TurboStream. 800Kg MTOM

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We took the proven perfect design of a Stream and combined it with a TP 100 turboprop power unit. The result created TurboStream.

TurboStream is a high-performance machine that is sporty and fun to fly. Think of it as an efficient luxury sports car for the sky. With the TurboStream, you master the enormous power of a TP 100 turboprop, without sacrificing safety or reliability. You want the power! You want the excitement! You want reliability! It’s controlled brute force wrapped in elegant Stream lines. It’s the TurboStream!

Turbo Stream Story

To start, we had a proven Stream design and a compact TP 100 turboprop power unit. From these, the idea was born to combine the two products—something like crossing the cheetah's agility with the tremendous power of a bear. 

The process was not easy. The anatomy of this fast, powerful beast had to be preserved, but its skeleton had to be greatly strengthened. We subjected this unit to demanding tests. And we succeeded. In the end, we were able to circulate kerosene in her veins thus awakening a new level of performance and reliability. TurboStream was born.


The newly shaped front end of TurboStream leaves no doubt about the power it contains.

But this shape doesn't detract from the elegance of the Stream's clean lines. We didn't compromise on the luxurious design details. We didn't compromise on maintaining excellent flight characteristics. We didn't compromise on anything, and we believe you can see that in TurboStream.


  • 2 tandem seats
  • Reinforced construction
  • Retractable steerable bow landing gear
  • Extended capacity of fuel tanks
  • Made of Kevlar and carbon fibers


  • Stall speed: 87 km / h (55 mph)
  • Design dive speed: 400 km / h (250 mph)

TurboStream sports a modern and well-arranged cockpit. You’ll have safe and comfortable seats with an excellent view from the cabin.

Exceptional Comfort in Flight

TurboStream gives you the simplest control possible. The dashboard has the latest avionics. Everything is clearly arranged and within reach of the pilot. Ergonomically shaped leather seats with heating guarantee comfort for the crew during long flights.

  • Amazing views from the cabin
  • Precise control of the drive unit using FADEC
  • Comfortable leather seats
  • Great ergonomics

The comfort of the TurboStream cockpit is unparalleled in its category thus allowing you to focus on the flight. The functions and positions of the controls more than meet your needs. As a result, every flight is comfortable and results in pure exhilaration.

Aircraft control

TurboStream control is easy to use and absolutely accurate. The balanced side-stick gives you perfect control over the aircraft. Just lay in your flight plan and go.

  • Dual steering 
  • Modern concept with side-sticks
  • Electrically adjustable front and rear pedals
  • Electrically operated flaps and balancing

Flying with TurboStream is a pleasure with all these design achievements. You will truly feel immersed in the experience.


With avionics, TurboStream has the best there is.

TurboStream comes with the latest Advanced Flight Systems avionics. As a result, it is the most suitable individualized solution for communication with the power unit, equipment and aircraft.

Everything needed for a perfect and safe flight is conveniently located in front of the pilot. The amazing AF-5600T T display dominates the cockpit. Thanks to it, every flight is comfortable and safe. Just a few touches, and you can set everything. Advanced Flight Systems are the best you can have in TurboStream’s cockpit.


TurboStream inherited the basic outer curves of the Stream. But we took the TurboStream's sleek look to the next level.  

Its fuselage is not only beautiful, but also safe and durable thanks to the use of the most modern CAD / CAM technologies.

TurboStream may have inherited her outer curves from the Stream, but the TurboStream is completely different under this elegance. Because of the increased speed that comes with the TurboCharge, its design needed to be modified. This modification easily transfers the increased load caused by higher speeds. It also accommodates the elevated maximum take-off weight. In addition, the airframe has higher capacity tanks to accommodate the fuel requirements of a turboprop propulsion unit.

Safety is paramount. That's why carbon and Kevlar fibers were used to guarantee the highest possible strength. Besides strength, these fibers are light enough to maintain needed low weight. To provide maximum protection to the crew, the inner part of the fuselage is made of a reinforced Kevlar shell.

We took safety one giant step further. All TurboStreams have a ballistic-parachute rescue system integrated into the airframe‘s structure.


The engine is the heart of the aircraft. But the engine in TurboStream also makes it a unique machine.

The power unit of the aircraft consists of a PBS TP 100 with an output of 180 kW (241 HP) and a five-bladed MTV 25-1 in flight adjustable propeller. It is a combination that has been tried and tested for a long time by various installations and thousands of labor hours.

  • PBS TP 100

    It is a turboprop engine with low weight and high static thrust. The engine is equipped with autonomous oil and fuel systems, an electric BLDC starter-generator and a digital control unit. This ensures automatic cooling of hot components after stopping the engine. The controller maintains a constant propeller speed.

Technical data



7,090 m


2,475 m

Wing span

9,000 m

Wing area

9,962 m2

Horizontal tail width

2,96 m

Horizontal tail area

1,776 m2

Vertical tail are

0,995 m2

Cabin width

575 mm

Design dive speed

400 km/h

Minimum speed

87 km/h

Climb rate (max. TOW)

14 m/s

Empty weight (according to type)

450 kg

Maximum take-off weight

800 kg

Minimum crew weight

60 kg

Maximum crew weight

200 kg

Maximum luggage weigh

10 + 15 kg

Fuel consumption (75% max. continuous power)

60 l/h

Fuel tank capacity

220 l

Flying range

1200 km