EP914Ti - 126HP (Turbo/EFI)

Artikkelnr.: EP914Ti_Eng

€33.895 ex. VAT Our lightest turbo injection engine available

NOK1,00 inkl. mva.


As our engines are built to order, and comes with several options and in multiple configurations, orders must be places directly with us or via our global dealers via email or phone.

The EP914Ti is based on a crate new 912UL 80, which shares the same platfor as the 914.

We add our turbo system, fuel injection system, and with a intercooler this engine produces 126HP at 5800rpm @ 40in/Hg.

  • 1211cc
  • 9:1 Compression ratio
  • 79.50 x 61.00mm (Bore x Stroke)
  • TIG welded S321 exhaust system with high flow muffler
  • Garrett turbo charger (High pressure ratio) with internal wastegate servo operated
  • Modern fuel injection with Bosch sensors and injectors 
  • 4-1 intake system with shaftless throttle body
  • Dual fuel pumps, coolant temp adapter, AN hoses and fittings, silcone coolant hoses, wiring harness, O2 sensor and several key installation items included.
Item Descrition Weight Kg Qty
EP914Ti w/exhaust, turbo, intake, harness, ring mount, HD-Starter, 2.43 gears & clutch 68,3 1
Ring mount  2,5 1
Dual fuel pump assy (NOT MOUNTED TO THE ENGINE) 1,3 1
Fuel pressure regulator (NOT MOUNTED TO THE ENGINE) 0,15 1
Vacuum distribution manifold (NOT MOUNTED TO THE ENGINE) 0,1 1
Coolant temp adapter (NOT MOUNTED TO THE ENGINE) 0,05 1
O2 Widebank controller unit w/O2 sensor (NOT MOUNTED TO THE ENGINE) 0,2 1
AN high-pressure fuel filter (NOT MOUNTED TO THE ENGINE) 0,18 1
Firewall wiring harness cover (stainless) (NOT MOUNTED TO THE ENGINE) 0,01 1
O2 sensor weld on bung (stainless) (NOT MOUNTED TO THE ENGINE) 0,02 1
Exhaust muffler outlet pipe (50x1mm Stainless. 90 degree elbow plus straight section) 0,8 1
Muffler outlet pipe t-bolt clamp 0,07 1
EP 15A secondary alternator w/volt.reg. (OPTIONAL) 1,95 1
EP 32A secondary alternator w/volt.reg. (OPTIONAL) 2,6 1
EP Intercooler (OPTIONAL) 1,45 1
Total Mass wo/intercooler & Alternator (Kg) : 74,23 1
Total Mass w/intercooler & 15A alternator (Kg) : 77,63 1
Total Mass w/intercooler & 32A alternator (Kg) : 75,68 1