EP912i - 108HP (EFI/(Naturally Aspirated)

Artikkelnr.: EP912i

27.275 ex. VAT

NOK1,00 inkl. mva.


As our engines are built to order, and comes with several options and in multiple configurations, orders must be places directly with us or via our global dealers via email or phone.

This is our lightest engine in our lineup. It starts off as a Rotax 912ULS which we add our super reliable 4-1 EFI system to. The engine get improved fuel economy, better cold and hot starting, no icing and no vapor lock.

  • 8HP more than the Rotax 912iS
  • 9Kg / 20lb lighter
  • More fuel efficient
  • 1352cc
  • 10.5:1 Compression ratio
  • 84.00 x 61.00mm (Bore x Stroke)
  • Modern fuel injection with Bosch sensors and injectors
  • 4-1 intake system with shaftless throttle body
  • Dual fuel pumps, coolant temp adapter, AN hoses and fittings, silcone coolant hoses, wiring harness, O2 sensor and several key installation items included.