EP912Ti - 145HP (Turbo/EFI)

Artikkelnr.: EP912Ti

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This engine is based on our most popular and top selling engine of all time, the EP912STi but on a budget. 

The only difference is that the crankshaft is not welded, and we use base shims to lower the compression over the forged pistons. Don`t be fooled into beleiving that this is not a good performer. It is still highly robust and reliable, but with a slightly lower output.

We add our turbo system, fuel injection system, and with a intercooler this engine produces 145HP at 5800rpm @ 40in/Hg.

  • 1352cc
  • 8.5:1 Compression ratio
  • 84.00 x 61.00mm (Bore x Stroke)
  • TIG welded S321 exhaust system with high flow muffler
  • Garrett turbo charger (High pressure ratio) with internal wastegate servo operated
  • Modern fuel injection with Bosch sensors and injectors 
  • 4-1 intake system with shaftless throttle body
  • Dual fuel pumps, coolant temp adapter, AN hoses and fittings, silcone coolant hoses, wiring harness, O2 sensor and several key installation items included.