PowerFLARM Portable

Artikkelnr.: FLAPFP-E

NOK38 125,00 inkl. mva.


PowerFLARM Portable - FLARM/ADS-B/Transponder Collision Avoidance System

PowerFLARM is a collision warning device based on latest technology. It is extremely easy to use and very powerful. It can be operated anywhere in any aircraft, is fully autonomous and very easy to install.

  • ADS-B 1090 is the ATC-system of the future and already mandatory for aircraft above 5.7to MTOW. PowerFLARM features an ADS-B 1090 receiver with very high range.
  • FLARM is the most successful collision avoidance device in GA with over 15.000 units sold in under six years. PowerFLARM detects and is detected by any FLARM-compatible device.
  • PowerFLARM warns from aircraft with installed Mode-S or Mode-C transponders. It shows exact altitude and relative distance. It warns you in the right moment to look out and identify possibly dangerous traffic.
  • As an option PowerFLARM warns from obstacles. The included obstacle database comprises more obstacles than average databases (optional, paid subscription)

For more information visit http://www.powerflarm.aero/


  • PowerFLARM Basic Device (EU-Version) (
  • FLARM Standard Antenna (mounted on the device)
  • ADS-B Standard Antenna (mounted on the device)
  • Power Supply (230 V)

Optional Features:

  • GARMIN TIS Interface (paid software upgrade required)
  • Obstacle Warnings (paid subscription for data required)


  • FLARM Technology