AOA/Pitot Probe, Unheated

Artikkelnr.: 100141-000

Piot Probe

NOK3 313,00 inkl. mva.


NOTE: If using in conjunction with EAA's STC# SA04075CH in type certificated aircraft, only the AOA function may be used.

Under-wing mount, L-shaped (requires separate mounting bracket)

The Dynon Avionics AOA/Pitot probe performs two functions: airspeed sensing and angle of attack sensing. These functions require having two pressure ports on the tip of the probe. The normal pitot pressure port is on the front face of the probe and is designed to be insensitive to angle of attack. The second pressure port is located on an angled surface just under the pitot port and is designed to be very sensitive to AOA.

The pressure from each port is delivered via separate air lines to the instrument where they are compared to previously calibrated scenarios specific to that aircraft.

More information regarding the Unheated Pitot can be found here.