Fluid Pressure Sender, KAV V2, 1/8-27 NPT - 15 PSI

Artikkelnr.: 103755-000

NOK1 962,00 inkl. mva.


Note: read below before ordering.

  • Use the new 15 PSI Kavlico sensor (P/N 103755-000) for most carbureted fuel systems with 0.6–15 PSI requirements.
  • Use the new 150 PSI Kavlico sensor (P/N 103757-000) for most injected fuel systems and oil systems with 6–150 PSI requirements.
  • If neither of the above are suitable for the airplane's fuel system, use the new 50 PSI Kavlico sensor (P/N 103713-000) for fuel systems with 2–50 PSI requirements.
  • If both the 50 PSI and 150 PSI sensors meet the airplane's fuel system requirements, then use the higher pressure 150 PSI sensor.