Omnia57 Fuel Computer

Artikkelnr.: 105726

Omnia Fuel Computer allows to monitor the instant fuel consumption, the estimated remaining fuel, the endurance and the flight range if interfaced with a GPS.

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Omnia Fuel Computer allows to monitor the instant fuel consumption, the estimated remaining fuel, the endurance and the flight range if interfaced with a GPS. It requires 1 or 2 flow meters for fuel feed and return.
Three different alarms can be configured: remaining quantity, minimum endurance, minimum range. In addition, the fuel pressure can be monitored.
The instrument is fully customizable to fit the overwhelming majority of the existing fuel flow sensors.
Omnia Fuel Computer can show the fuel pressure too, reading it from optional probe.  
All the components of the Omnia family are equipped with a state-of-the-art, highly visible display, a powerful 32 bit microcontroller and the latest generation of solid state sensors and components to ensure reliability and accuracy over time. Up to 16 Omnia family instruments can be connected in cluster to form a communication network, making some data exchange operations simpler.
Fuel flow indication
Remaining quantity indication
Fuel burned from engine start
Distance which can be covered.
(this function requires connection to a GPS, read more below)
Estimated remaining fuel at destination.
(this function requires connection to a GPS, read more below)
Fuel Computer functions requires the optional fuel flow sensor Cod. 503030 or compatible.
Up to 2 fuel flow sensors can be installed on the fuel supply and return lines.
The second flow sensor is not recommended for small flows in the return line, e.g. Rotax 912.
The fuel pressure function requires the use of the optional pressure probe Cod. 601041.
The Range function requires connection to an existing GPS via NMEA183 or to the GPS receiver Cod. 601090.
The reserve function requires connection via NMEA183 to a GPS where a flight plan or direct to is executed.
Main features
Included gauges:
  • Fuel flow
  • Fuel remain
  • Fuel burned
  • Endurance time
  • Range
  • Reserve


  • Knob with pushbutton
  • 2 CAN bus
  • Light Sensor input
  • USB 2.0 port
  • 2 Inputs for fuel flow sensors
  • 1 Fuel pressure input for Optional Flybox probe Cod. 601040
  • Can be connected in cluster with other Omnia instruments
  • Rugged case milled from solid aluminium
  • Powder-painted
  • 100% manufactured and tested with automatic processes
  • Visual Alarm on screen
  • Transistor Alarm output
  • Manual or Automatic Backlight dimmer
  • Easy software updating through the USB port
Technical specifications:
  • 2.4" color graphic LCD 320x240 pixels with 1000 nits backlight
  • Standard mounting 2-1/4” 57mm and 3-1/8” 80mm.
  • Powder painted aluminium case.
  • Dimensions: 68x62x35mm (57), 85x85x40mm (80).
  • Weight: 140g. (57), 230g. (80)
  • 2 fuel flow sensors input with amplitude range: 5-30Vpp, frequency range 2Hz-10Khz, min. pulse duration: 50uS.
  • 1 fuel pressure input 0-5V.
  • Supply voltage: 10 ~ 30 V=
  • GPS input: RS232 RX port
  • Supply current: 60mA (57), 135mA (80).
  • Open-collector alarm output (max 300mA, active low). This output can also be used to send a tone in the intercom, using the Flybox optional device code 105899.
  • Operating temperature range: -20 ~ +70°C.
  • Humidity: 90% max (without condensation).
  • Communication through 2 CAN bus.
What is included:
  • Omnia Fuel-Comp instrument
  • Printed user manual (ENG version)
  • All required Molex connectors
  • Pins
  • M4x10mm screws
  • 120 ohm resistor
  • Packing list
Optional accessories:
  • Cod. 503030 Fuel flow sensor
  • Cod. 601041 Fuel pressure transducer
  • Cod. 105800 Wired Ambient Light sensor
  • Cod. 105810 CAN termination 120 ohm
  • Cod. 105820 CAN cable 25 cm
  • Cod. 105830 CAN cable 50 cm
  • Cod. 105840 CAN cable 100 cm
  • Cod. 105899 Audio Tone adapter
  • Cod. 601090 Flybox GPS receiver
  • Cod. 105898 Alarm Buzzer for Omnia series
  • Cod. 604010 USB extender Cable 0.5 Mt
  • Cod. 603000 Professional crimping tool