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To simplify and streamline your installation, these data modules are available in prepackaged G3X system sensor kits. Whether you select the standard or high-performance kit version (for aircraft capable of speeds in excess of 300 kts IAS), your package will include a GPS-aided digital ADAHRS (air data and attitude/heading reference system), a solid-state magnetometer, an outside air temperature (OAT) probe and a configuration module to provide your system with the information it needs.

Digital ADAHRS
  • Leveraging sensor technology from our high-end glass flight deck systems, the GSU 25 ADAHRS unit is included in the standard kit, which provides highly accurate and reliable referencing of your aircraft position, rate, vector and accelera­tion data. The module takes up just a fraction of the space and weight previously required by conventional gyro-based instrument systems. In the high-performance kit, the GSU 25D ADAHRS unit offers the same functionality with processing appropriate to aircraft flying at indicated airspeeds above 300 knots.
  • Our GMU series of solid-state, triaxial magnetometers are remote-mounted devices that use magnetic field measurements to provide electronically stabilized heading data for flight instrumentation. The GMU 11 magnetometer is provided in the standard kit, while GMU 22 is provided in the high-performance kit.
Temperature Probe
  • Included in both the standard and high-performance kits, GTP 59 is an OAT probe that provides data to the G3X system’s air data computer for true airspeed, density altitude and other essential flight calculations.
Configuration Module
  • The G3X Touch system configuration module stores configuration and calibration data for the system.
Smart Design, Simple Installation
  • Installation of G3X system sensors in your aircraft is simple and straightforward — with our standard mounting hardware available. For builders and installers who want to take the guesswork out of cockpit modernization, these bundled sensor kits can help make quick work of putting it all together.

In The Box

Standard Kit:
  • GMU 11 Digital Magnetometer
  • GTP 59 Temperature Probe
  • Configuration Module
  • GSU 25C and GMU 11 Install Kits Not Included
High Performance Kit:
  • GSU 25D High-Performance ADAHRS
  • GMU 22 Digital Magnetometer
  • GTP 59 Temperature Probe
  • Configuration Module
  • GSU 25D and GMU 22 Install Kits Not Included