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Horis AD-AHRS is an electronic device, which includes several state of the art sensors and combines them into a small PFD display. It can serve as a standalone PFD display and it may be used as primary instrument or as a perfect backup.

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Horis Software Update Tutorial

We take great care to design our instruments lightweight and slim as possible. Horis only weighs 235 g.


Horis comes supplied with digital outside temperature sensor.


  • Very low power consumption (< 2W at 12V),
  • low cost,
  • precise altitude pressure and IAS (indicated airspeed) sensor – connects to pitostatic,
  • precise angular rate sensors – gyros and accelerometers,
  • GPS receiver,
  • digital outside temperature sensor,
  • lightweight design,
  • CAN bus compatible.

Horis AD-AHRS standalone unit shows:

  • attitude (roll, pitch),
  • airspeed (IAS and TAS),
  • vertical speed (Vario) indication,
  • altitude,
  • outside temperature indication,
  • QNH setting,
  • heading rate (1 minute and 30 seconds turn),
  • tracking course (True or Magnetic).

New Chrono Screen

The Chrono screen shows UTC time, GPS status, Local time, sunrise and sunset. It also features stopwatch and flight time.

G - force meter

Used for measuring and displaying the gravitational and acceleration force.

Pitostatic connection

Total and static pressure source are obtained from the pitot tube.



CAN bus connection

When connected to the bus, Horis will transmit: attitude, altitude, position, temperature, baro-settings, health status etc.

OAT connection

OAT information is required to calculate true airspeed, as well as to provide you with the outside temperature information.



GPS connection

Is used for external GPS antenna needed by the GPS receiver integrated on AHRS unit.

RS232 port (NMEA out)

The RS-232 port is used for communication with other instruments. You need a standard RJ12 (6P6C) connector to connect to the port.

Integrated GPS/AHRS/Pitot

Horis has a built in global positioning system, an altitude and heading reference system, pressure measurement system and much more.

Single push knob operation

One push/rotate knob is used for the operations.

AD-AHRS screen

Horis AD-AHRS screen.

Direction indicator screen

Horis directional indicator screen.

Slave option

Slave unit. Requires I-ALT-IAS or EMSIS PFD or NESIS to be present on the CAN bus.

Kanardia HORIS EFIS Testing and Review