Magu Tail

Artikkelnr.: 20008697

NOK6 443,75 inkl. mva.


Magu is an electronic device used to detect a magnetic field vector. It is particularly well suited for the use in the avionics, where it can serve as a simple compass, as a bank (roll) corrected compass and as a World Magnetic Model.

We take great care to design our instruments lightweight and slim as possible. Magu only weighs 64 g.


Magu's main features:

  • Calculation of current magnetic heading.
  • Calculation of bank corrected magnetic heading, when pitch and roll Euler angles are available.
  • Small size, weight and power consumption.
  • Calculation of true heading when current geographic position and time are available.
  • Built-in World Magnetic Model (WMM) can be queried for declination, inclination and magnetic field values for any location on Earth.
  • Advanced calibration algorithm provides self calibration ability for removing soft and hard iron errors.
  • Each unit is carefully calibrated in the factory. The results of this calibration can always be restored.

CAN bus connection

Sends wind indication and true heading to Nesis, Emsis, Horis, and Aetos connected to CAN bus.

Nose orientation

This Magu orientation is for mounting in the nose of the aircraft.

Tail orientation

This Magu orientation is for mounting in the tail of the aircraft.