EMU 9xiS / EP917Ti

Artikkelnr.: 01001-115

€4200 ex. VAT Tech Specs Power supply 9 – 32 VDC TFT with 640 x 480 resolution and 600 cd/m2 luminosity. Size 104 x 139 x 78 mm Weight 810 g

NOK1,00 inkl. mva.


Engine Management Unit exclusivly for EdgePerformance EP917Ti ans Rotax 912 iS / 915 iS with dual redundant CANaerospace interface including GPS receiver and EMDS data visualization tool.


  • Seamless integration into the Rotax 912iS / 915iS engine wiring harness
  • Seamless integration into the EdgePerformance EP917Ti engine wiring harness 
  • Minimum installation effort (single device, 2 connectors and 6 wires for basic functionality)
  • Indication of all available engine parameters, engine status and ECU faults
  • Indication of additional sensor inputs (e.g. optional fuel pressure sensor)
  • Automatic propeller speed control for single lever engine operation
    (in combination with MT Propeller governor, optional)
  • Sunlight-readable backlit display with a wide viewing angle range
  • Simple and self-explanatory operation (three push buttons, one rotary knob)
  • Dual optically isolated CANaerospace data bus interfaces for retained redundancy
  • Continuous monitoring and health checking of both ECU display buses
  • Georeferenced data recording of all parameters at 10 Hz over up to 2,000 hours
  • Simple data transfer and software update via an integrated memory card slot
  • Sophisticated visualization and processing tool for recorded data (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
  • Google Earth file export for recorded data including GNSS and engine data
  • Additional input and output channels for future system upgrades
  • Configurable for the use of different unit systems (metric/US customary)
  • Suitable for 14 V and 28 V aircraft electrical systems
  • Preassembled wiring harnesses available as accessory
  • Highly customizable software (on request)
  • High level of manufacturing and quality control
  • Engineering and production exclusively done in Germany