Vertical Power PPS

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What is the PPS?


 The PPS also supports the charging circuit by completing the B-lead connection to the alternator (a basic system diagram is provided below).

The Old Way

The Old Way
With the old way, you need to figure out which components are required for your electrical system, work out how they all fit together, and then build the system from scratch.

The New Way – PPS

The New Way – PPS
With the new way, you buy one item, the PPS, and make the connections as labeled. That's it. No research. No fabrication. No guesswork.

There Is No Comparison

Until now, your only primary power choice was the "old way", a combination of electro-mechanical components that haven't significantly changed in half a century.

Now you have a choice...the PPS.

The PPS is a carefully-engineered and highly-qualified device that eliminates the need for you to engineer and manufacture your own primary power circuit. This not only puts an end to common errors in homemade circuits, but the solid-state construction of the PPS proivdes extremely high reliability when compared to the failure-prone solenoids, relays and contactors used in traditional circuits. In addition, the plug-and-play design of the PPS installs in minutes, saving you valuable time and allowing you to fly that much sooner.

The Primary Power System Diagram

The PPS, shown on the left side of this diagram, can be installed or retrofitted on an experimental aircraft equipped with the VP-X Electronic Circuit Breaker System or a traditional electrical bus. Visit the Vertical Power System page for more information.
The Vertical Power System

The only solid-state electrical system designed for experimental and light-sport aircraft.

Vertical Power is the only complete solid-state electrical system designed specifically for use on experimental and light-sport aircraft. Whether you use the PPS individually, or integrated with the VP-X for a full end-to-end system, you will be using the finest, most reliable electrical system available today.

The PPS Benefits

Whether you are an experimental aircraft builder or an LSA manufacturer, the new PPS provides many unique and important benefits. High reliability and easy installation are just the start. Take a look at the lists below to see why the PPS is truly easier, safer and better than traditional components.


  • Speeds installation – easily mount one box instead of 5 or more individual devices.
  • Saves space – smaller than the old-style individual components mounted together on the firewall.
  • Clearly labeled for quick connection to electrical system.


  • Reduces exposure to components at battery voltage.
  • Eliminates hazardous and costly wiring mistakes.
  • Highly engineered and proven design – no need to solve the challenging puzzle of what components you need and how they should be connected.


  • Delivers higher reliability – replaces older mechanical contactors with solid-state technology.
  • Low static power draw of 1 mA – won't drain your battery if you forget to turn off your master switch.
  • Integrates perfectly with the Vertical Power VP-X system for a comprehensive solid-state electrical solution.
Included with PPS
  • Kit Includes:
  • 14 wires terminated with connector terminals
  • Right-angle connector and backshell
  • *The PPS Wiring Harness Kit includes all wiring and accessories needed to wire the J1 circular connector on your Primary Power System. The wire includes terminals already crimped on one end.