Vertical Power VP-X SPORT

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The Ultimate Solution for Easy Wiring

Switch Your Thinking!

The VP-X Electronic Circuit Breaker System is the best way to wire and fly your experimental and light-sport aircraft. This advanced, solid-state system enables easier airplane wiring, safer flying, and provides a better, more flexible solution than traditional thermal breakers or automotive-style fuses. 


The VP-X is a Better Way to Wire and Fly Your Airplane

The Vertical Power VP-X Electronic Circuit Breaker System gives you an unprecedented level of detail and control of your electrical system, while at the same time greatly simplifying wiring. With flap, trim and other functions built right into the VP-X, you just wire directly from the VP-X to each electrical device. You no longer have to install circuit breakers, bus bars, relays, trim and flap modules, shunts, e-bus diodes, or other complex wiring on the back side of the instrument panel.

VP-X Advantages

  • Wire from the VP-X directly to each electrical device
  • Detect short circuits, over-current faults, open circuits (no current draw)
  • User-configurable circuit breaker values for each circuit
  • Backup circuit capability for critical avionics
  • Solid-state design – no arcing, no moving parts

EFIS Integration

  • Visually monitor the health of your electrical system
  • View and control the status of individual circuits
  • Immediate notification of circuit faults with the ability to quickly respond
  • Displays for individual and total current draw, main battery voltage, aux battery voltage (if installed), trim position, flap position, and starter engagement

Flap Control

  • Built-in solid-state flap motor control
  • Intermediate flap stops or momentary control
  • Flap over-speed warnings
  • Flap motor run-on protections
  • Disable the flap down switch above a specified airspeed
  • Backup flap controls on the EFIS
  • Flap position display on EFIS

Trim Control

  • Built-in solid-state trim motor control
  • Runaway trim protection
  • Variable-speed pitch trim based on airspeed
  • Backup trim controls on the EFIS
  • Trim position display on EFIS

Switch Inputs

  • Each switch is configurable to control one or more electrical devices
  • Flexibility to use any style of panel-mounted switch

Wig-wag Control

  • Built-in landing light wig-wag control
  • Adjustable warm-up period
  • Landing lights, when turned on, are steady on the ground then automatically pulse when the aircraft is in the air

Alternator Protection

  • Alternator over-voltage protection
  • Single or dual alternator support

Starter Protection

  • Starter disable when engine running
  • Starter engaged annunciator on EFIS

Your Electrical System on Your EFIS


EFIS integration Provides a New Level of Information and Control

Monitor and interact with your electrical system right on your EFIS. The Vertical Power integration means you know the health of your electrical system at all times.

The VP-X System

This system diagram illustrates how the VP-X (shown on the right side) is connected to your electrical loads and other components. Here it is receiving bus power from the Vertical Power PPS (Primary Power System). It can alternatively be connected to a traditional battery contactor. 

Visit the Vertical Power System page for more information on the entire PPS/VP-X system.

The Vertical Power System

The only solid-state electrical system for experimental and light-sport aircraft.

Vertical Power is the only solid-state electrical system designed specifically for use on experimental and light-sport aircraft. Whether you use the VP-X individually, or together with the PPS for an end-to-end system, you will be using the finest, most reliable electrical system available today.

Choose From Two Models: VP-X Pro and VP-X Sport

Not all planes are alike, so we don't take a one-size-fits-all approach with the VP-X.


The Full-Featured VP-X Pro


The best choice for larger aircraft or those who enjoy enhancing their aircraft with the latest advances in avionics in the future.

The VP-X Pro is our most full-featured Electronic Circuit Breaker System. It includes 32 switched power circuits and the ability to handle both 14V and 28V systems, so it is ideal for the widest range of aircraft. It also features a dual-bank design with dual processors and power supplies for an added level of redundancy and safety. The extra circuits can also provide ample growing room for the future. 

The Efficient VP-X Sport


The best choice for medium size and under experimental aircraft. It's also ideal for light-sport aircraft.

The VP-X Sport has just what you need for a wide-variety of aircraft from basic flyers up to the most popular kits being built today. It features 24 switched power circuits on a 14V bus. With the VP-X Sport, a builder gets all the benefits of the Vertical Power Electronic Circuit Breaker System – easier wiring, quicker installation, increased information and control, and more – for about the same as you would pay for a traditional thermal breaker system.

Features at a Glance

DescriptionVP-X ProVP-X Sport
Processors 2 1
Power supplies 2 1
Volts 14V or 28V 14V
Total switched power circuits 31 23
     15A circuits* 3 3
     10A circuits* 8 7
     5A circuits* 15 8
     3A circuits* 1 1
     2A circuits* 2 2
     1A circuits (trim circuits) 2 2
Starter contactor circuit
Starter annunciator
Pitch trim motor controller
Roll trim motor controller
Reversible flap motor control with braking
Flap and trim position sensor inputs
Switch inputs: Panel/Flap & trim 10/6 10/6
Aux battery voltage measurement
Main power input from PPS or battery contactor
RS-232 interface to EFIS
Ethernet interface to PC
*Circuit breaker value can be set anywhere between 1 amp and the maximum value shown.

The VP-X Benefits

Experimental aircraft builders and LSA manufacturers around the world have been singing the praises of the Vertical Power VP-X Electronic Circuit Breaker System for over half a decade now. And it's easy to understand why. Just take a look at the benefits below to see why the VP-X is easier, safer, and better than all other methods.



  • Simplifies airplane wiring
  • Reduces parts count and complexity
  • Includes built-in solid-state trim motor control
  • Includes built-in solid-state flap motor control
  • Includes built-in landing light wig-wag control
  • Allows you to configure circuit breaker values for each circuit
  • Lets you use any style of panel-mounted switch
  • Provides easier system changes or expansion


  • Reduces pilot workload
  • Delivers more control and information
  • Clearly shows current draw for each circuit
  • Detects short circuits, over-current faults, and open circuits (no current draw)
  • Provides runaway trim protection
  • Warns of flap over-speed
  • Protects against flap motor run-on
  • Disables flap down switch above specified airspeed
  • Disables starter when engine is running


  • Allows you to easily monitor and control your electrical system from your EFIS
  • Eliminates panel-mounted breakers and fuses, opening more space for avionics and accessories
  • Provides “intelligent” control such as automatically turning landing light wig-wag on & off, or varying trim speed, based on user-specified airspeeds
  • Delivers higher reliability and longer life – no arcing, no moving parts
  • Promotes a clean, modern cockpit