45mm CNC Throttlebody

Artikkelnr.: 921

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45mm Shaftless throttlebody used on all Edge EFI kits and engines

This Single Throttle Body with its 45mm internal bore and unique lightweight housing design makes it the ideal Individual Throttle body (ITB) for all naturally aspirated (NA) and turbo engine applications.

Featuring our single 'Shaftless' butterfly valve controlled by a mechanical cable, this Throttle is the optimum product for all aftermarket tunning applications where only a single butterfly valve is required or mandated.

This products incorporates patented 'Shaftless' technology which maintains all the benefits of a traditional butterfly Throttle system whilst improving both the part and fully open Throttle airflow characteristics.

The shaftless’ technology improves airflow by up to 10% above traditionally shafted Throttle bodies.

Machined from solid billet aerospace grade aluminium with its stainless-steel knife-edged blade (valve).