Dual fuel pump w/filter - New Style (912iS/EFI)

Artikkelnr.: EPDFP

Our newest dual light weight pumps for our EFI kits.

NOK8 062,50 inkl. mva.


Suits all EFI kits or applications.

Also suitable for 912iS. 

Pressure tested to 65PSI.

Normal operating pressure is 35-45PSI set on the fuel pressure regulator.

We use a 3-pos switch (ON-OFF-ON) and run one pump as  main, and the second as a back-up for redundancy.

No banjo fittings. Full flow o-ring sealed fittings and intergrated sinter 30 micro filter on the high pressure side. Comes anodized for corrosion protection and great looks. Current draw is 4-5A under normal conditions.