Bullet LED PAIR - Tiny High Output Landing/Strobe Lights or LED Lights

Artikkelnr.: CP-BULLETLED

Small but strong! The CRAZEDpilot Bullet LED produces a ton of light (nearly 250 lumens each) with a WIDE viewing angle, BUT in a SUPER SMALL package. Must be seen to believe!

NOK479,00 inkl. mva.



They are 0.9” diameter at the head, and fit thru a 10mm hole. A lot of output for a small LED! Angle of view is very wide! Can be seen a LONG ways away, even in daylight!

Pair our CRAZEDpilot Bullet LED with our LED Strobe and WIG-WAG Controller, and you have an excellent strobe system for a low dollar investment!

NOTE: slight yellow tone of LED in picture is only when 'off', these glow PURE WHITE!

Sold in pairs

Specifications per light:
Voltage:11-14.5v DC
Head width: 0.9"
Hole size: 10mm
Thread depth: 20mm (0.8")
Height above mounting surface to top of glass dome: 0.5"
spanning width of mounting surface (with enough threads under the nut to tighten): 15mm (0.6")
Total length: 33mm (1.3")
Current draw: Only 140mA each lamp!


NOTE: For experimental aircraft only.


These lights are intended to be a low-cost alternative to bring additional lighting into your interior. Do not rely on these as your sole source of light after civil twilight as they do not meet the entire requirements of FAR 91.205 for night time operations on their own. By installing these lights, you are agreeing to release all liability against CRAZEDpilot, its staff and representatives, for the use or mounting of these lights and its effect on your flight or its effects on the flight characteristics of your aircraft after installation. Not for use on certificated aircraft.