13-13mm bulkhead adapter for cabin heater

Artikkelnr.: C55-8D1-CC6

NOK405,00 inkl. mva.


These handy bulkhead hose adapters are CNC machined from aluminium billet to a high quality surface finish. The hose adapters allow a water tight connection for the heater hose between the interior space and the engine compartment. Some motorsport regulations require a solid connection (rather than rubber grommets) to be used to pass engine coolant through the firewall. They also allow you to step up or down a hose size at the bulkhead, perfect if your installing an aftermarket heater that has differen't sized hose connections to those on the engine.

The narrow spaced lock plate is designed with a hexagonal cut out that interlocks with the alloy adapters preventing them from from turning when tightening up the nut on the reverse side. The bulkhead fittings and spacer plate can be polished with little effort.

These are available in different diameters and mounting plate widths.

Specification Metric Imperial & Other
Size Ø 13 - 13 mm Ø 1/2 - 1/2"
Distance Between Centres 40 mm 1.57"
Variation Narrow
Max Depth of Panel 8 mm
Material Billet Aluminium
Kit Part Number C55-8D1-CC6