2.2Kw cabin heater

Artikkelnr.: TSDMCH12

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The 2.2kw Micro Heater is the smallest and lightest hot water based heater available making it perfect for applications where weight or space is the number one priority.

The heater uses a specially designed copper & brass heater core which utilises micro tube technology, a high fin density and thin tube walls offer exceptional heat exchanger performance in a very small package.

A lightweight axial fan is used to draw air through the heater core and expel it through the single 2.5" outlet nozzle, these types of fans are at minimum 50% lighter and use 25% of the power over traditional centrifugal blowers.

The Micro Heater is ideal for use in vehicles for defrosting windscreens, or as a backup heating device for vehicles if you already have a heated windscreen. These work perfectly with one or two of our universal defrost vents feeding the windscreen. If you are going to utilise the vehicles existing full width defrost vents and under dash ducting then it is recommend to use a larger model of heater.

Typical weight savings over a production vehicle heating system can be in excess of 6kg.

Specification Metric Imperial & Other
Heat Output 2.2 kw 7500 BTU
Airflow 136 m3/hr 80 cfm
Weight 0.59 kg 1.3 lbs
Hose Size ∅ 13mm ∅ 1/2"
Air Nozzle Size 1x ∅ 63.5mm 1x ∅ 2.5"
Noise Level 54 dB (Max Fan Speed) -
Voltage 12v
Current Continuous / Startup 0.7a / 1.4a
Fan Speeds Single Speed
Enclosure Construction Aluminium Bracket & Nozzle with Black Powdercoat Finish
Heater Core Design Copper & Brass Core with Copper Fins
Manufacturer T7Design Ltd
Wiring Information

The fan has no onboard speed control, the simplest way to operate this fan is to use an ON/OFF toggle or rocker switch. If you would like to adjust the fan speed please see our PWM fan controller.

Wire Colour Use
Red Wire +12v
Black Wire Earth

2.2kw Micro Heater Dimensions