3.5kw Lightweight Heater

Artikkelnr.: 35KWLHEATER

NOK2 995,00 inkl. mva.


The 3.5kw Lightweight Heater is our second smallest and lightest hot water based heater after the 2.2kw Micro Heater, sacrificing a little weight for performance this unit can be used as a more powerful defrost heater and can also provide a little more cabin heat.


The heater uses a specially designed copper & brass heater core offering excellent heat transfer capabilities for its size, this is accomplished using a high flow core design, high fin density and ultra-thin wall tube.

A lightweight axial fan is used to draw air through the heater core and expel it through 4x 51mm (2") outlet nozzles. The Axial fans are at minimum 50% lighter and use 25% of the power over traditional centrifugal blowers.

The 3.5kw Lightweight Heater is ideal for use in vehicles for defrosting windscreens, or as a backup heating device for vehicles if you already have a heated windscreen. If you have a large windscreen you can hook up all 4 outlets to feed the windscreen, or in medium sized vehicles you can utilise two outlets for defrost and two for dash or foot well vents.

Typical weight savings over a production vehicle heating system can be in excess of 6kg.

Specification Metric Imperial & Other
Heat Output 3.5 kw 11,900 BTU
Airflow 322 m3/hr 190 cfm
Weight 1.15 kg 2.53 lbs
Hose Size ∅ 13mm ∅ 1/2"
Air Nozzle Size 4x ∅ 51mm 4x ∅ 2"
Noise Level 60 dB (Max Fan Speed) -
Voltage 12v
Current Continuous / Startup 1a / 1.5a
Fan Speeds Single Speed
Enclosure Construction Aluminium Enclosure with Black Powdercoat Finish
Heater Core Design Copper & Brass Core with Copper Fins
Manufacturer T7Design Ltd


Wiring Information

The fan has no onboard speed control, the simplest way to operate this fan is to use an ON/OFF toggle or rocker switch. If you would like to adjust the fan speed please see our PWM fan controller.

Red Wire +12v
Black Wire Earth

Please ensure your supply is fused appropriately, it is recommended to use a 5a fuse and that your cable is rated higher than the fuse.

3.5kw Lightweight Heater Dimensions