Reinzosil silikonpakning (300°c)

Artikkelnr.: 833

This highly elastic universal sealing compound is resistant to mineral oils and numerous synthetic oils, lubricants, petrol, diesel oil, greases, hot and cold water, detergents, sunlight, ozone, and sea water.

NOK149,00 inkl. mva.


REINZOSIL is suitable for continuous operation in the temperature range between -50 °C and +250 °C (briefly up to 300 °C).

Hardness (softness) lies in the range of 30 to 35 Shore A


Anthracite coloured, solvent-free sealing, adhesive & coating compound based on silicone. When the single-component system has cured (vulcanized), butanonoxime is released as a cleavage product. After curing, REINZOSIL is completely odorless.


Due to its special properties, REINZOSIL is used in the most varied applications, e.g. as FIPG (formed-in-place gasket) for wet assembly, i.e. for sealing small gaps under pressure as well as for cylinder liners in piston machines, and also to compensate for extensive component warping. Moreover, the compound is also used to seal constructional fissures or cracks, and for seals that are subjected to considerable relative movement.

Contrary to REINZOPLAST, the sealing layer is destroyed during disassembly, and a new coating is required after the surfaces have been cleaned.

The compound can also be applied to assembled components. In these cases, after the sealing joint has been cleaned and degreased, REINZOSIL is applied directly to the sealing gap, similar to the procedures used in the building industry.