Engine Preheat Kit - Jabiru 2200 - 220V

Artikkelnr.: TSP4CYL-2513-230

NOK8 315,00 inkl. mva.


Engine Preheat Kit for Jabiru 2200

This preheat kit contains threaded electrical resistance heat elements located in each cylinder assembly, and one pad heat element on the engine crankcase/oil sump. This multipoint configuration fully preheats the engine and attached accessories. Power is routed to the elements through a dedicated wiring assembly with system power indication and circuit overload protection. The system is self-regulating through design. Heated components reach an average state of thermal equilibrium in approximately six hours.

This preheat kit when installed will supply 188 watts with a 1.8 amp draw at 230 volts.

* Required Bonding sealant sold separately. Quantity 1, PN: TU02788

This kit is not eligible for an 8130-3.

RTB0001 form required for purchase on certified engine installations.