1484cc Big Bore Kit (10.5:1)

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Finally. EdgePerformance billet big bore cylinders for 912 / 914 engines.

  • 1484cc
  • 10.5 CR
  • 114HP with carburetors
  • 118HP with EFI
  • 122HP with EP camshaft and EFI
  • Comes with custom under cut EP forged pistons
  • Must be used with 95-OKT and greater or 100LL AVGAS
  • Billet machined cylinders, not casted. Greater density and heat transfer
  • Media blasted finish for better heat dispatchment and increased surfase area
  • Not sleeved like other kits
  • Nikasil plated cylinders, will last forever. Same technology as OEM uses as well as all MC mfg.`s
  • Piston weight 335gr over 465gr standard
  • CP custom forged race pistons. Lightweight and weight matched to +/- 1gram
  • Nikasil cylinders allow for tighter cylinder/piston clearance